Our Current Spirits:
This distinctly delicious dry
gin is hand-crafted using select
traditional botanicals and
choice botanicals indigenous to
the American Southwest.
These flavors are masterfully
combined to create a truly
exceptional world class taste.
Enjoy this delectable gin and
revel in its unique flavor that
is as refreshing as a desert rain.
The sweet fruit of the Prickly
Pear Cactus is a little known
delectable treat of the Sonoran
Desert. When in bloom, the
Prickly Pear illuminates the
desert landscape in brilliant
shades of red, transforming
itself into a desert rose.
Sonoran Rose infuses the
ambrosial flavor of the Prickly
Pear into a harmoniously
derived spirit. Enjoy the
unique, unrivaled taste of
Sonoran Rose.
frontier, home of the
infamous town of Canyon
Diablo, and landmarks Two
Guns and Twin Arrows, we
offer “Two Ghosts”. This
finely hand-crafted spirit is
infused with Bhut Jolokia
Chili Peppers, one of the
world’s hottest chili peppers!
“Two Ghosts” as fiery as the
Old West, as perilous as this
frontier territory once was.
Enjoy responsibly.  Drink responsibly.  Don't drink and drive.
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